Unsolicited compliments on work completed:

“. . . It was a rare pleasure to read this submission. The brief paper is clearly written, articulate, develops logically, presents a succinct description of the information . . .”

Peer reviewer for a manuscript I edited prior to publication.

“You’ve really outdone yourself! This [grant] looks absolutely wonderful and shines like a Tiffany diamond compared to my initial draft!”

Nimish Patel, PharmD, MS
Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice
Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

“Allison has considerably improved the quality of my original research papers. Before I engaged an editor, my acceptance rate was ~50%; it now exceeds 80% on the first attempt. Additionally, the reviewers consistently comment on how well my manuscripts are written. I will not submit a manuscript unless she edits it first.”

Tom Lodise, PharmD, Albany College of Pharmacy

“I love the [poster] layout. It reads well. I am very happy!
You’re awesome and the rapid turn around time on your part is tops.”

Michelle Shayne, MD, University of Rochester School of Medicine
(scientific poster)

“You are a big, big, big help. Thank you!!!”

Louise-Anne McNutt, Ph.D., Dept. of Epidemiology,
University at Albany School of Public Health

“Thanks for a great job with editing my paper!
(Hopefully the first of many . . . ?)
Thanks again, worth every penny!”

Leon Cosler, R.Ph., Ph.D., Albany College of Pharmacy
(pharmacoeconomics manuscript)

“. . . It really looks so wonderful!!! As I was reading it, I was “wow” ing!! ”

Yasemin Turan-Qian, PhD; SDSU Dept of Special Education (funded grant application)

“. . . Thanks for the assistance. You are terrific to work with and will recommend you to my colleagues!!”

Allison Tauman, PharmD, MPH Implementation Manager, VHA Performance Services (manuscript review)

“We appreciate Allison Krug for her editorial work on our self-assessment report for the Kazakhstan School of Public Health. She did her work well, professionally and on time.  We successfully submitted our report and just a few days ago we received a letter from the Accreditation Agency with their decision. We received provisional  international accreditation for our Masters Program! That is a real success for our young School of Public Health from [the] former Soviet Union!”

Gainel M. Ussatayeva, MD, MPH, PhD
Head of the Department on International Collaboration and Public Connections
Kazakhstan School of Public Health

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